Buy-Back Program

  • We only buy-back items purchased from Banana & Bug.
  • Payout for items bought-back will be Banana & Bug store credit only.  No cash will be given.
  • If purchase was made via the Banana & Bug website with credit card, no receipt is necessary.  If purchase was made with cash, we will need a valid receipt, or copy of valid receipt in order to buy-back items.
  • We will buy-back ALL items purchased from Banana & Bug regardless of age or condition.
What you will do:

1) Box up your used Banana & Bug clothing
2) Send an email to with full name of the person who purchased the items, address from which the box will be shipped from, and the size/weight of box/package you are planning to send back.
3) Watch for a reply from with printable shipping label
4) Print label, attach to box/package
5) Set out for pick-up or drop off at nearest location
6) Sit back and relax

What we will do:
1) Receive your box
2) Send you notification that we received your items and will have your Banana & Bug credit available within 5 business days
3) Evaluate each item for resale value based on condition, age, popularity, etc.
4) Calculate amount to be given to you in Banana & Bug store credit (50% of the determined Banana & Bug resale value, minus shipping cost, which ranges from $2.00-$10.00).
5) If an item is unable to be re-sold as is, we will purchase the item to use as material to up-cycle into new items. Several different factors will affect how we will up-cycle the clothing and determine buy-back value. Depending on these factors, we will offer up to a maximum of 10% of the original purchase value in Banana & Bug store credit.
6) Email you your Banana & Bug store credit code along with a summary of how your items were evaluated

Please read the buy-back summary emailed to you before contacting Banana & Bug with disputes over the determined buy-back value of your items. If you are still not satisfied with the amount of Banana & Bug store credit you received for your item, email us at  We will ship back disputed items to you, minus the cost of the return shipping label.
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