Ruffle Butts/Rugged Butts

The Ruffle Butts story is a unique one. Built from the ground up by a mom, the Ruffle Butts brand is based on high-quality, integrity and fun. Amber Schaub built the business on what she refers to as the Golden Rule her mom had engrained in her. She believes that no customer is more deserving of high-quality, affordable and joy-creating products than moms.

Amber created a company that was much more than just apparel, one that pays it forward and impacts the lives of others. Customer service and quality have been top priorities since day one, 100% happiness guaranteed!

All Ruffle Butts and Rugged Butts products are designed in the USA. While manufactured overseas, the manufacturers are held to the highest standards for quality of materials, safety and working conditions.

Ruffle Butts/Rugged Butts have donated and helped raise money for numerous causes. Among these have been gifting items to an orphanage in Haiti, donating to breast cancer awareness and raising money for Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.

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